Karen Dutton has always loved cooking and creating beautiful things to eat. She was raised in the Mallee and her earliest memories are of helping her mother to cook for the shearers on the farm. It was always her favourite time of the year. 


In 1999, she met a woman from England who made the most amazing fudge, and Karen begged her for the recipe. Karen nick-named her The Fudge Fairy.


The day the woman boarded the plane back to England, she handed Karen an envelope and said to open it when she was up in the air. She had left Karen the recipe that she had been hoping to receive for over a year. As a tribute, Karen named her new business The Fudge Fairy after the English woman who inspired it all.


Since that time, Karen has expanded her services to include catering, coffee and cakes. All the food that Karen bakes is made fresh from scratch using recipes which have been sourced from past generations; from her great great grandmother, great grandmother, grandmother and of course her mother.


If you or a family member are a vegetarian, vegan or have nut, gluten, egg or dairy allergies don’t hesitate to ask as Karen is happy to cater for special dietary requirements, allergies or intolerances.


Browse the website and see what’s baking and call for custom baked and designed menus to suit your next event or function.

“The best things in life come in small packages.”


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